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Blue Diamond Polled Limousin is an all polled herd of Limousin cattle
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Our 2014 calf crop has Rambler and Justice calves coming, as well as calves from our new herd sire, a Westwood son.

We have a red Wulf's Rambler bull calf born to the good black cow Rosie.  Rosie has been sold to Heather and Danny King, but we retained the calf - and are glad that we did.  After the gain shown by Rosie's daughters at Nappan, we are excited what this calf is going to do.

Born January 5th, to our BJM Polled Ultra Violet cow, a red Justice son.  This calf is strong and growing fast, and just recorded an adjusted weaning weight of 775 lbs.

Born February 20, to BJM Polled Topper, half an hour after I finished topping off the straw pack, a lovely long bodied heifer calf, that based on her parents DNA testing, is homo polled by pedigree.  Her adjusted weaning weight was calculated to be 695 lbs.  She is sired by our Westwood son.

On February 26, BJM Polled Eve dropped another homo polled by pedigree, heifer.  This calf was picked to be a neighbour's 4-H calve and her temperment has been fantastic.  This heifer came halter broke.  She will be a keeper.

And Bubbles (BJM Polled Good as Gold) delivered her 15th calf in April.  Too late for Nappan, this guy will go on feed here for the winter.

Topper and her 2014 heifer calf

Pictures to come.                                                                                 

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