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Blue Diamond Polled Limousin is an all polled herd of Limousin cattle
Limousin cows
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2015 has been a busy year.

Congratulations to the following buyers:

Mark Kleiner of Yarmouth NS purchased a yearling bull out of our old girl, BJM Good as Gold, sired by our Westwood son.

Misty Croney and Heather King purchased a Wulf's Rambler yearling son out of BJM Polled Black Rose.

Trevor Burris of Brookfield NS purchased a good two year old female, BJM Polled Abby and her heifer calf, sired by the Westwood son.

John Baker of Amherst purchased a real quiet yearling female, BJM Polled Beauty as a 4-H heifer.

And we were pleased to purchase Lindencrest Anna and her bull calf Captain. The pair were donated to the auction to support the junior's show by Manfred Zillig and Lois Brown at this year's field day. A 4-H project, Anna is a lovely female with a beautiful udder.  We know she will be a strong addition to our herd.

Thank You to Bryanna Richardson who showed our yearling heifer, BJM Polled Bella in 4-H this year.  We were especially pleased in how they presented themselves in the ring.

Clean Herd One of the more devastating diseases a cow herd can face is Johne's.  More common in dairy herds, it is found in beef herds as well.  Difficult to initially identify, an animal often doesn't show signs till they are 3 or 4 years old, and go through a stressful period like calving.  Yet at that point, they have been shedding the virus for several years.  There currently is the Atlantic Johne's Disease Initiative that is helping herds identify animals that are shedding the virus.  In 2014 we were one of the few Nova Scotia beef herds to submit samples to the Vet College in Charlottetown.  Cows aged 3 and older are tested.  The results came back negative.  In the words of my vet "at the time of testing, none of your mature cows were shredding the virus, which would indicate a high probability that your herd is disease free", which is the best result you can get.  We will continue to retest our herd every other year, as my vets recommendation.

Who is Blue Diamond Limousin?

We are a small herd of all polled Limousin cattle located in central Nova Scotia.  Producing Limousin for 30 years, temperment and stayability have always been our goal.  We have purchased cattle from across Canada, and used A.I. sires from across North America to build our herd. 

Even with our small numbers, we have won Grand Champion Female at our largest show, broke the record for high selling bull at the Maritime Beef Testing Society sale and won the First Ladies Classic with animals of our own breeding.

Please have a look at the cows I am so proud of and the calves that they have produced.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

"The Lord made the sheep, and the cattle and the pigs.  They are his creatures just as much as we are....we've no right to make them suffer.... It's a possible thing to raise healthy stock, treat it kindly, kill it mercifully, eat it decently."   Halifax author, Margaret Marshall Saunders in Beautiful Joe, published in 1894.  Beautiful Joe was the first Canadian novel to sell a million copies.

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